I charge a flat fee of $1600 for manuscripts up to 90,000 words.

For that price, you get two rounds of developmental edits.

First, we’ll look at the big picture. We’ll cover characterization, plot, setting, theme, and pacing. I’ll tell you what’s working and how to fix what’s not.

After this first round of editing, you will have sixty days to revise and send the manuscript back to me. At this point, I will do a second pass, focusing on smaller issues such as pacing, story logic, and flow. The second pass is basically a “clean-up” draft to catch any lingering errors from the first pass since it’s nearly impossible to catch everything at once.

A flat fee means you know up front how much it will cost you to have your book edited. It’s the same price whether your book is 40,000 words or 90,000 words. (If your book is longer than 90,000 words, contact me for pricing.) This is an extremely affordable price for an excellent service.

Moreover, I’ll edit your first thirty pages for free! I like to give sample edits so you can see how I work and we can both see if we’re a good fit for each other. There is no way I can be the best editor for everyone, and I encourage you to shop around to make sure you hire an editor you love.

Ready to get started? Contact me through email at AlexKourvo @ Introduce yourself! Tell me about your book. What genre is it? How long is it? If I have an opening in my schedule, I’ll ask for the first thirty pages and we’ll go from there.