Free Fiction

Call it a gift, a sample, a lagniappe or booty. If you’ve got an e-reader, I’ve got free short stories for you!


At age ninety-six, Randy Ennis has outlived his friends, his family, and his reputation. Now he has to outlive the medical implants that are trying to kill him. The Last Cyborg by Alex Kourvo originally appeared in Triangulation: Last Contact. It’s now free on Amazon, BN,Kobo, and iBooks.


Amber wishes she had a self-cleaning house. She deserves it, doesn’t she? But with two parents and a teenager living at home, it’s never going to be perfect…or will it? Keeping House is a slipstream short story that originally appeared in Reflection’s Edge. It’s available on Amazon, BN, Kobo, and iBooks.


Living on the Edge

Chester and Janice are putting off starting a family until they are out of debt and in a house of their own. But the only house they want is next to a growing black hole. Living on the Edge is a slipstream short story available on Amazon, BNKobo and iBooks.



Five centuries ago, when the veil between worlds was thinner, a human named Klaus entered the elf world. Being ignorant of their ways, he accepted every gift offered, giving scant little in return. The elf king grew so angry at this that he cursed Klaus, making him practice constant generosity. Worse, he also cursed Klaus with immortality. (Gratitude originally appeared in Fantastical Visions IV.) It’s on Amazon, BN, Kobo, and iBooks


I’ve had a lot of fun giving these short stories away. Look for more free stories next year!