Introducing the “Detroit Next” series of near-future thrillers. 


Private Investigator Aidra Scott is exasperated by her teenage son, worried about her pregnant sister, and mystified by her assistant—a computer genius she’s never actually met. Living in a tiny Detroit condo she can barely afford, there is no room in her life, or her heart, for a pet. Since the painful loss of her beloved Doberman, she wants nothing to do with any dog, certainly not a genetically engineered dog.

Especially one that might be a killer.

Twisted is available on Amazon.



It’s called the Zone—the ring of abandoned neighborhoods surrounding the now-thriving city of Detroit. Officially, it’s uninhabited. In reality, it’s the home of the hiding, the forgotten, and the criminal. PI Aidra Scott avoids the area when she can. But when she sees her teenage son’s best friend jump a fence and head into the Zone, she has no choice but to follow.

What she finds is something far beyond a lawless shadow city, and her simple search-and-rescue might not be so simple after all.

Zoners is available on Amazon.



Book three in the Detroit Next series is coming soon!!

I’ve been friends with my co-author, Harry R. Campion since our first week of college. Harry is an amazing writer and you should definitely read his stories, especially this one.