Where’s Alex?

This week is all about mingling with the science fiction community.

First, I’m over at SF Signal, participating in their “Mind Meld.” A group of authors was asked the same question: “What’s the best writing advice you ever received?” Visit SF Signal to find out my answer!


This weekend is Penguicon, Michigan’s SF/Open Source/Maker con. I’m on four panels in the literature track, and I’ll be doing a reading/signing. I’ll also be enjoying other events as an attendee, because that homemade ice cream thing looks amazing…

Here is my schedule:

Friday, 6:00 pm Social Media for Writers What social media trends are necessary for writers building a web footprint? What are some important things to do, and what should you not do? (with David Erik Nelson, Michael W. Lucas, Christopher Purrett, Mark Oshiro, and Mary Lynne Gibbs)

Saturday, 10:00 am First Things First: Story Titles How do you title your stories? Should the title make sense upfront, or only after the story is read? (with Jon David and Christine Daigle)

Saturday, 2:00 pm Reading (with Ferrett Steinmetz) Ferrett Steinmetz and I are sharing this reading block. Since Ferrett’s stuff is wacky and fun, I’ve decided to read the most fun chapter of LIVING ALL DAY, where my heroine’s high-tech surveillance goes hilariously wrong.

Saturday, 4:00 pm Writing Fast and Slow What’s the expected output for writers in today’s publishing world? Is more than a book a year the new norm? (with Jen Haeger, Jim Leach, Catherynne Valente, and Jeff Pryor)

Saturday, 9:00 pm SF MadLibs We create madlibs, the audience fills in the blanks, hilarity ensues. What could possibly go wrong? (with Andrea Johnson, Jackie Morgan, Jen Haeger, and Catherynne Valente)

Sunday 10:00 am Self-Publishing 2016 What’s new in self-publishing? (with Michael W. Lucas, Jen Haeger, Christopher Purrett, and Robert Kroese)

Is that a great con schedule or what? Cool people on interesting panels is exactly what I’m here for.

About the author: Alex Kourvo writes short stories and novels. She loves meeting other people in her tribe almost as much as she loves writing.

(Image: Russell Murphy | License: Creative Commons Attribution)

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