Pen in Hand

Do you love your handwriting? Hate it? Does anyone else ever see it?


Some say handwriting is a lost art, but I don’t think so. Pen and paper are cheap and we all use them. We take notes, we write lists, some of us journal. We’re very used to seeing our own penmanship.

But what’s lost, I think, is the chance to read things written by others. Besides your kid’s homework papers and holiday cards, when is the last time you read something handwritten by someone else?

When I was a kid, I used to love watching my dad write. He held the fountain pen in his left hand and wrote beautiful cursive full of swoops and flourishes. I have recipe cards for dishes I will never make. I keep them because they are in my grandmother’s spindly writing. I’m fascinated by old diaries and letters as much for the handwriting as the words themselves.

So I wrote this blog post, so someone besides me could see something written by my own hand. 🙂

About the author: Alex Kourvo is a freelance editor who only works with manuscripts that are not hand-written.

Your thoughts?

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